TICKETS CALL 1-800-745-3000

November 15, 2013

Township Auditorium
1703 Taylor Street
Columbia, SC

@ 7PM

OVER $3000 IN

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Who is the Best? 
About the South Carolina Statewide Step Competition 

Bright & Bold Entertainment will be hosting the 1st South Carolina Statewide Step Show Competition at the Township Auditorium on 1703 Taylor St., Columbia, SC on November 15, 2013 at 7pm. This show is meant to motivate students and professionals to believe in their dreams, and to strive for greatness. Step shows have become increasingly popular, and this show presents an opportunity for teams from all over to compete for the statewide step team championship. There will also be guest performers, and there will be cash prize opportunities for the audience. This step show is for the best of the best, and to crown one champion over the rest.

Thanks to the Township Auditorium and organizations from around the state, we would like to introduce the 1st South Carolina Statewide Step Show Competition. This is different from the average step show. Who is the best? The South Carolina Statewide Step Show Competition will answer that question. The show will feature teams from all around competing for a first place $2,500 cash prize. By opening the event up to all step team organizations, and not just Greek or high school teams, we believe that the event will have a greater impact on the community at large. “Stepping” or “stompin” as it is often referred to, has been providing positive activities for the students that practice it and the communities that they have served for decades. The film “Stomp the Yard” has allowed the mainstream population to experience something more than a great movie, and it has exposed them to a phenomenon that is rooted in tradition.

In addition to providing a unique entertainment experience, that delights all ages and races, the South Carolina Statewide Step Show serves to provide peaceful and positive entertainment while sharing a positive and motivating message. Byron Bush of Bright & Bold Entertainment adds that “…this event is good for kids, students and adults, and I think that everyone who attends will be blessed.” Bush, a former college student and athlete adds, “this is an event not to be missed!”

Teams have been waiting for the opportunity to perform on the Big Stage, and here is their chance to turn up! Tickets can be purchased on, at the Township Auditorium Ticket Office, or by calling 1-800-745-3000.

Follow us on Twitter, @SC_STEPSHOW2013, on Instagram @SCstatewideStepShow, or on Facebook by searching for South Carolina Statewide Step Show. Questions can also be directed to the step show hotline at 704-412-8044.

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